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117 years ago
Rafael:  Thank you very much, I was having a huge headache to solve the very same problem!
123 years ago
Ray:  Having the same problem. Very frustrating. Luckily, for some reason my released version worked on the iPad itself, but now I can't get it to run in the simulator. Getting no such table, which I'm guessing is an initialization error. Will continue to investigate.
124 years ago
Jeremy:  FYI, I've just tried it with the SQLite 3.7.0 preview and the same problem occurs.
Also, I'm not using any extra third-party libraries with my SQLite, so the problem isn't your Unicode extension.
124 years ago
Jeremy:  I'm having the same problem with compiling SQLite against iOS 4 for the iPad simulator, but in my case it works fine running on an actual iPad (also works in the iPhone simulator and on an iPod Touch).
Same problem with, 3.6.23, and at least back to 3.6.21. Compiling against iOS 3.2 makes it work, though that's not really an option for iPhone (as opposed to iPad) apps.
I have no idea what to do about it or how big a problem it really is...
124 years ago
Pascal:  The problem seems to have deep roots, however there is a solution, see the updated post. :)
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Possibly widest website in the world showing a scaled atom

Thursday, June 22th 2006 - 13:55
Every adult these days has heard of atoms and maybe even protons and electrons. It's actually simple, protons (and neutrons) form the core of an atom and electrons float around this core on their orbits – or shells, if you want to be precise. So, there must be some space between the core and the electrons, which consists of – nothing. While this is hard for me to imagine, at least I'm not the only one having problems imagining this; on this website, someone has scaled a hydrogen-atom so that the electron has the size of 1 pixel, which makes the proton as big as 1000 pixels in diameter. But wait, here comes the impressive part: That means the radius of the scaled atom becomes 50 million pixels, that is 12.8 km on a 100ppi-screen!.

Complications while building on Mac OS X

Saturday, June 17th 2006 - 01:14
Since I succeeded in building Apache 2 on my Mac, I decided it's time to finally install the GD Perl Module to generate nice images using Perl. I downloaded the source, configured it as usual with $ perl ./Makefile.PL, ran the test with $ make test as documented everywhere and got the following errors, which turned out you can easily ignore...

newly defined self-confidence

Sunday, June 11th 2006 - 11:12
I've spent some time on Google Video, looking for some funny videos. And I discovered some good ones, especially from provider JezUK1, like this one which suits the exam-season =).

RC 1 of the Ubertragen-Widget

Friday, June 9th 2006 - 13:39
The, Sebastian and me, has just released a third Beta (and the first RC) of our Übertragen widget. It includes many improvements for Bonjour-transfers, including the possibility to reject transmissions and a better "files received" dialog.

Compile Apache 2.2 on Mac OS X

Wednesday, June 7th 2006 - 18:31
When a friend of mine upgraded to Ubuntu 6.06 and along with that (unwillingly) to Apache 2.2.x, I decided to compile the latest Apache-version from source on my PowerBook G4 running the Tiger. Read the article for full instruction including compiling PHP 5 from source and creating a launchd-item to start the new Apache on boot.

An all-new Blog

Sunday, June 4th 2006 - 18:18
So this is it. I finally put up my own blog - running on my own blogscript. So


It is still _very_ basic, but it works okay so far and given the imminent exams I should not invest too much time in this blog, be it the script or the contents...