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117 years ago
Rafael:  Thank you very much, I was having a huge headache to solve the very same problem!
123 years ago
Ray:  Having the same problem. Very frustrating. Luckily, for some reason my released version worked on the iPad itself, but now I can't get it to run in the simulator. Getting no such table, which I'm guessing is an initialization error. Will continue to investigate.
123 years ago
Jeremy:  FYI, I've just tried it with the SQLite 3.7.0 preview and the same problem occurs.
Also, I'm not using any extra third-party libraries with my SQLite, so the problem isn't your Unicode extension.
123 years ago
Jeremy:  I'm having the same problem with compiling SQLite against iOS 4 for the iPad simulator, but in my case it works fine running on an actual iPad (also works in the iPhone simulator and on an iPod Touch).
Same problem with, 3.6.23, and at least back to 3.6.21. Compiling against iOS 3.2 makes it work, though that's not really an option for iPhone (as opposed to iPad) apps.
I have no idea what to do about it or how big a problem it really is...
124 years ago
Pascal:  The problem seems to have deep roots, however there is a solution, see the updated post. :)
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WebKit (Safari 3.x) loses mousemove event when hovering a scrollbar

Thursday, November 29th 2007 - 01:23
While working on the Fernsehen-Widget, I discovered a bug present in all Builds of Safari 3.0 and therefore in the WebKit of Leopard (currently at 10.5.1 9B18).

The problem is that while you hover a document with the left mouse button pressed, whenever you cross a scrollbar, the mousemove-event gets dropped. That became a problem for me because I implemented some drag & drop capabilities into the Fernsehen-Widget, which now fails as soon as you drag an item over a scrollbar.

Today, I » wrote a test case documenting the situation in order to file a bug over at - only to find that Dav Glass already filed this bug 9 days ago as Bug 16072.

Together with Bug 14736, this is an annoying situation for me as a widget developer. I hope both bugs get fixed soon and make it into OS X 10.5.2...

Update Dec 4, 2007
Great, the mousemove over scrollbar-bug has been fixed in the latest nightly version of WebKit.

Is Apple turning to the Dark Side?

Monday, October first 2007 - 19:45
Well, don't get me wrong, I am a Mac user ever since and I still prefer the Mac over every other operating system. But recent decisions made by Apple and/or Steve Jobs make me ask this question: Is Apple turning to the Dark Side? Here are my points:
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Google Earth Flight Simulator

Monday, September third 2007 - 18:27
No idea for how long this has been around, but I only today discovered the flight simulator in Google Earth. Yes, there is a (quite basic) flight simulator built right into Google Earth, starting with version 4.2. There is no sound at the moment and only a few basic moves, but you can at least use your mouse (I prefer it over the keyboard) or even a joystick. You'll want a fast internet connection, too, and probably some basic experience flying a flight sim. Well, my experience stems from F/A Hornet back in 1998, but it's enough to keep me in the air.

Perspective and the Dock in Leopard (build 9A527)

Tuesday, August 28th 2007 - 23:04
While new screenshots about Apples upcoming OS 10.5 "Leopard" begin to surface (build 9A527), I start to wonder whether the Apple engineers need some private lessons in perspective imaging. Parallel lines on a surface converge in the same vanishing point in perspective images or 3D-renderings, easy as that.

iPhone JavaScript Benchmark (kind of)

Saturday, July 21th 2007 - 18:53
I offered Andrew Yee to bring his great medical eponym database to the iPhone and therefore started working on an iPhone client. Due to the lack of an iPhone I am only testing this client on my MacBook Pro and Safari/iPhoney, but the iPhone is not as powerful as my laptop, surprise surprise.

So to be able to determine what the iPhone is capable of, I let the client spit out some debug information - and this gives a good opportunity to compare or even benchmark iPhones' Safari to Safari on other platforms (or even other browsers). Of course this is not really a benchmark, nevertheless it's interesting to see how iPhones' Safari performs on three tasks:
  • generating ~1'600 JavaScript objects
  • adding ~1600 links to a div (DOM)
  • animating two div transitions
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Sunday, June 24th 2007 - 13:17
Since a few days, after every reboot Little Snitch warned me that a process called ISMUpdateChecker wanted to connect to Since I didn't know where this process came from, I wanted to google it before allowing it to connect to the internet - only to find that neither Google nor the other search sites knew about ISMUpdateChecker.

Well, turns out that is the hoster of, which in turn last week released iStat menus, which now sits in my Menu Bar and tells me the CPU-activity, RAM usage and Temperature of my MacBooks Bottomside. So, not much to worry about I guess.


Dashboard Pong: pongClock 1.0 RC1

Wednesday, June 13th 2007 - 09:44
Since this has been lying around for some months now, I cleaned pongClock up a bit and added some features. » Here is the beta which will most likely become version 1.0, I hope some of you like it.
  • Play Pong in your Dashboard
  • If you don't play, the widget plays against itself; the score shows the current time!
  • Completely written in JavaScript; it also runs in other browsers. The preferences look a bit messed in Firefox, though...
  • NEW: Fullscreen mode. Play in Fullscreen, the opacity is adjustable via a slider in the preferences


Google vs. Privacy and Rixstep vs. me

Wednesday, June 6th 2007 - 23:28
Wow, I got a very dedicated Blog entry on!! And, not to forget, their I'M STUPID AND I'M PROUD™ award.
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Star Wars: Clone Wars Sneak Peek

Monday, May 28th 2007 - 16:20
Awww yeah, Lucasarts released a Clone Wars Sneak Peek at Celebration IV, a teaser featuring the upcoming animated Clone Wars Series.
According to Wikipedia, the series are set to debut in fall 2008, and for me, this teaser definitively generates the I want more feeling!


Virginia Tech Massacre

Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 12:27
A massacre happened yesterday at the Virginia Tech University. 33 people lost their lives, including the shooter who shot himself. I feel very sorry for anyone involved in the shooting, find all details in the linkes Wikipedia article, I only want to point out the statement the NRA (National Rifle Association) made:
Not less, we need more weapons. Anyone with a weapon could have stopped the massacre.
The statement can be found here.

I cannot find any words that describe the stupidity of that statement...

Action Video Games Sharpen Vision 20 Percent

Wednesday, February 7th 2007 - 10:36
Besides making us all run amok, so-called Killer Video Games like Unreal Tournament improve your visual recognition ability. This is the finding of a recently published study conducted by Daphne Bavelier and Shawn Green of the University of Rochester, New York.

'nuff said, got to do some eye-training...

Apple holds 8.25 percent of the swiss computer market share

Thursday, February first 2007 - 00:34
Following this NZZ data, Apple Inc. holds 8.25% of the swiss computer market share. In 2006, Apple sold 113'100 computers in Switzerland; Apples growth amounts to 4.3%.
During this time preiod, the whole computer industry sold 1.37 million computers. 724'000 computers thereof (52.8%) were portable computers.

Dynamically assigning event handlers in IE

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 00:15
Today I finished some changes to this blog-software – most important is the possibility to get an email whenever someone comments an article you are watching. There is nothing too fancy going on, but I had some problems with the Internet Explorer and dynamically assigned event handlers. Here is with what I have come up to conquer the issue.
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80 percent of spam emails sent through Windows based botnets [Updated 7.2.2008]

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 18:23, 1 update Thursday, February 7th 2008 - 00:14
Are you a Windows user? If so, you are hopefully aware of the insecurity of your operating system. And since you are aware, I guess you protect your computer against viruses, worms, trojans and other nasty stuff with the appropriate software. Yeah, sure. Then why gets 80% of all spam emails sent through a botnet of Microsoft Windows based computers...?

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 20:41
I don't want to lose many words on the ongoing debate "Evolution vs. Intelligent Design" overseas in the United States since it's too stupid to be even considered a "debate" in the first place. I'll only provide three videos hosted on YouTube covering that topic; the pick of the bunch being the first one; one great quote:
"Whenever someone tries to tell me [...] it took place in 7 days, I reach for a fossil and go: Fossil."
Oh, and be sure to check out the related videos, even the ones telling you to "...not believe in evolution!". Some of them are at least funny (again ignoring the sad fact that somemany people take them seriously...).