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117 years ago
Rafael:  Thank you very much, I was having a huge headache to solve the very same problem!
123 years ago
Ray:  Having the same problem. Very frustrating. Luckily, for some reason my released version worked on the iPad itself, but now I can't get it to run in the simulator. Getting no such table, which I'm guessing is an initialization error. Will continue to investigate.
123 years ago
Jeremy:  FYI, I've just tried it with the SQLite 3.7.0 preview and the same problem occurs.
Also, I'm not using any extra third-party libraries with my SQLite, so the problem isn't your Unicode extension.
123 years ago
Jeremy:  I'm having the same problem with compiling SQLite against iOS 4 for the iPad simulator, but in my case it works fine running on an actual iPad (also works in the iPhone simulator and on an iPod Touch).
Same problem with, 3.6.23, and at least back to 3.6.21. Compiling against iOS 3.2 makes it work, though that's not really an option for iPhone (as opposed to iPad) apps.
I have no idea what to do about it or how big a problem it really is...
124 years ago
Pascal:  The problem seems to have deep roots, however there is a solution, see the updated post. :)
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Dynamically assigning event handlers in IE

Saturday, January 27th 2007 - 00:15
Today I finished some changes to this blog-software – most important is the possibility to get an email whenever someone comments an article you are watching. There is nothing too fancy going on, but I had some problems with the Internet Explorer and dynamically assigned event handlers. Here is with what I have come up to conquer the issue.
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80 percent of spam emails sent through Windows based botnets [Updated 7.2.2008]

Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 18:23, 1 update Thursday, February 7th 2008 - 00:14
Are you a Windows user? If so, you are hopefully aware of the insecurity of your operating system. And since you are aware, I guess you protect your computer against viruses, worms, trojans and other nasty stuff with the appropriate software. Yeah, sure. Then why gets 80% of all spam emails sent through a botnet of Microsoft Windows based computers...?

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Monday, January 8th 2007 - 20:41
I don't want to lose many words on the ongoing debate "Evolution vs. Intelligent Design" overseas in the United States since it's too stupid to be even considered a "debate" in the first place. I'll only provide three videos hosted on YouTube covering that topic; the pick of the bunch being the first one; one great quote:
"Whenever someone tries to tell me [...] it took place in 7 days, I reach for a fossil and go: Fossil."
Oh, and be sure to check out the related videos, even the ones telling you to "...not believe in evolution!". Some of them are at least funny (again ignoring the sad fact that somemany people take them seriously...).