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117 years ago
Rafael:  Thank you very much, I was having a huge headache to solve the very same problem!
123 years ago
Ray:  Having the same problem. Very frustrating. Luckily, for some reason my released version worked on the iPad itself, but now I can't get it to run in the simulator. Getting no such table, which I'm guessing is an initialization error. Will continue to investigate.
124 years ago
Jeremy:  FYI, I've just tried it with the SQLite 3.7.0 preview and the same problem occurs.
Also, I'm not using any extra third-party libraries with my SQLite, so the problem isn't your Unicode extension.
124 years ago
Jeremy:  I'm having the same problem with compiling SQLite against iOS 4 for the iPad simulator, but in my case it works fine running on an actual iPad (also works in the iPhone simulator and on an iPod Touch).
Same problem with, 3.6.23, and at least back to 3.6.21. Compiling against iOS 3.2 makes it work, though that's not really an option for iPhone (as opposed to iPad) apps.
I have no idea what to do about it or how big a problem it really is...
124 years ago
Pascal:  The problem seems to have deep roots, however there is a solution, see the updated post. :)
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Temporarily remove specific localizations from your iPhone/Mac App

Thursday, July 22th 2010 - 20:23 • 1 update Friday, October 15th 2010 - 15:14
Since our translators didn't work as fast as we coders did, we were in need to strip one specific language – Spanish – from an iPhone App – MedCalc – which we'll be shipping next week. And because MedCalc has more than 140 XIB files, the same number of XML files and the double amount of strings files, it would be very tedious to manually delete all Spanish localizations (not to mention to re-add them once the translators are done). So I needed a way to tell Xcode not to include one specific language for now, for which I didn't find a solution.

But there is a pretty straightforward solution: Let Xcode build the App with all the present localizations and just before code-signing kicks in delete the Spanish.lproj folder and all localized files are gone. You can easily do this by adding a Run Script build phase to the target, containing this one line of code (it's a Bash Script):
rm -r "${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}.app/Spanish.lproj"

Code Signing always kicks in after all build phases have completed, so just put that build phase at the end of your current phases.

Props to macmoonshine from for proposing this solution!

Update October 15, 2010
Note that this increases the time to build because Xcode recreates all Spanish files, so you might want to disable this step during testing.
Rafael at 15.10.2010 15:08

Thank you very much, I was having a huge headache to solve the very same problem!
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